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Woodstove Hokku (Autumn and Winter)


Gathering kindling;
Queen Anne's Lace caught
In the basket weave.



October rain;
The sound of water dripping
In the woodstove.


The thud of a dropping limb
On the frozen ground.


Winter wind;
Sawdust stings
Chapped hands.


The cold iron
Of the woodstove grate--
A November morning.


The warm stove;
The flames' reflections dance
On the wall.


Bitter cold;
Leftover wood ash frozen
To the bucket.


Sunset on sailboats0002.jpg (32028 bytes)


Lake Hokku (Autumn, Winter, Spring)

An October sunset;
The old fisherman sits
On the driftwood.


On a stump,
The seagull's feathers ruffle--
Winter wind.


Winter wind;
An old sailboat locked
In ice.


Snow falls
On the rolled sail--
A spring morning.


Spring wind;
The sailboat tips over
Rounding the buoy.


Rolling a sail up
In the stillness.


Farming Hokku ( Spring, Summer)

In the barnyard,
Melting snow drips
From the hay wagon.


Lengthening days;
Tilling towards the pink streaks
In the western sky.


planting corn0002.jpg (48300 bytes)
(Planting corn)


A sparrow alights
On a ripened head of wheat;
Harvest time.


Summer humidity;
Wheat chaff sticks
To sweaty skin.


A moonlit cornfield;
The chatter of raccoons
From the corn's shadows.


growing corn.jpg (34565 bytes)


A summer evening;
The scent of corn pollen
In the falling dew.


End of summer;
The last turning
Of the hay rake.


A dark barn;
The forge's glow
On the blacksmith's face.


blacksmith.jpg (32303 bytes)
(Roscoe Village, Ohio)