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Miscellaneous Sequence
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Miscellaneous Sequence


Did the winter wind
Lift your smoke upward?
This hazy, hazy moon--
Across the withered field, nothing...
Nothing, not even moonlight.


A cold wave crashes
Against an unmoving boulder--
This stinging spray;
Even ice locking all in place
Could not hold your spirit.


From the tip
Of the melting icicle,
Flowing drops;
Winter wind always changes
The shape of this earthly life.


On a fence post,
The mourning dove huddles,
A solitary shape--
Snow settles on a worn coat
And stings the wrinkled face.


Heavy rain
Falls this New Year's Day
In passing--
The rushing brook leaves last year's
Silt settling in a crevice.


Another birthday;
Trying not to notice
The sprouting gray hair--
Freezing rain locks the seed
To the milkweed's splitting pod.


The spiritual afterlife;
This understanding--
Sparrow's tracks in snow
Vanish in shifting winds.


Winter plumage--
Young gold finches twitter
Into the cold wind;
The falling snow rolls off
Their darkened wing feathers.


Trying to thread
The eye of the quilt needle--
A cold draft;
Yellowed pine needles
Under the Christmas tree.


A tangled knot;
Regretting having to break
This thread--
A streak of pink
In winter's twilight sky.


Donna Ferrell -- 2003



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